how we do it

All the beef we sell at Killian Beef is from cattle raised on Killian Ranches

    -All of the cattle are raised at one of our South Eastern Arizona ranches where they grow and develop on native grass and browse (mesquite beans, chamise, other desert plants), and are supplemented all natural protein supplements.

 -We wean the calves at about 6 to 9 months of age and place them in our feeding operation in Mesa, AZ

 -The steers (weaned male calves) are fed a mix of alfalfa, straw, distillers grain, ground corn, molasses, and a mineral supplement until they reach a weight of roughly 1250 lbs. The ration they are fed is all natural, no hormones or antibiotics. The feed is designed to encourage growth and deposition of intramuscluar fat (marbling). This ensures a high quality, great tasting beef. 

​ -The steers are then hauled to a USDA inspected facility where they are harvested for Killian Beef. The beef hangs for 21 days to improve flavor and texture. The beef is then flash frozen and kept in frozen storage ready for purchase from our ON-Farm store at 4741 E Southern Ave. Mesa, AZ 85206